Sihanoukville Supermarkets

Sihanoukville, having more than 300,000 permanent residents including thousands of foreign expats, has lots of options for visitors when it comes to spending money whether on everyday essentials, local bargains or little luxuries from back home that you might not have expected to be able to buy in Cambodia. A quick trip around the local supermarkets sees shelves full of imported goods from all around the world often boasting a wider range of goods than many of the supermarkets in Phnom Penh.

Psar Leu – The Main Market

sihanoukville supermarket psar leu

Markara St between Ekareach St and Omui St
Open dawn ’til dusk.
Situated in the heart of downtown Sihanoukville daily life revolves around the Main Market. Open from dawn to dusk here you can buy almost anything that can be lifted by hand. From the latest electrical gadgets to live chickens, exotic fruit to high-heeled shoes, fresh-from-the-field vegetables to Angry Bird T-shirts it’s all available in this humid, bustling, dark warren of stalls at the cheapest price in town. Stalls selling similar products tend to be grouped together and just walking around taking in the sights, sounds and smells is a must-do activity for any visitor wanting to experience Cambodia at its best. First impressions of the cramped market might leave the visitor intimidated but those are soon replaced by the welcoming smiles of the stallholders who are genuinely happy to chat with passing customers often in excellent English. The market has two guarded areas for parking motos for 500 Riel or 1000 Riel on holidays.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

Samudera Supermarket

sihanoukville supermarket samudera

Downtown – Markara St between Ekareach St and Omui St 6am – 10pm
The longtime mainstay of the local expat community Samudera is located on the same street as the Main Market just a few metres up from Ekareach St. Selling some fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh meat products alongside imported frozen food stuffs. Also a wide selection of imported canned goods, canned drinks, beer, wine and spirits plus chilled goods and many types of freshly baked bread. Towards the back there are toiletries and perfumes plus general household goods as well as chinaware, glasses and kitchen white goods. Free parking is available in front of the store although it can become crowded during busy periods.

Lucky Ocean Supermarket

sihanoukville supermarket

Downtown – Ekareach St 200m north of the Golden Lion Roundabout 7.30am – 10pm
The largest supermarket in town with wide and spotlessly clean aisles offering a wide range of imported goods and a limited range of local produce. Selling some frozen meat products alongside a wide selection of canned and non-perishable food products as well as chilled drinks and beer. It has a seperate section for wine and spirits somewhat confusingly situated at the far end of the store after the extensive toiletries and household goods sections which includes a chinaware area as well as a small hardware section. An extensive free parking area infront of the store which can become slippery when wet.

Orange Supermarket

sihanoukville supermarket orange

Downtown – Ekareach St Junction Sereypheap St 7am-11pm
Similar stock of imported goods albeit a slightly smaller selection including wines, spirits and beers with a frozen foods section and chiller cabinets. Also a couple of aisles displaying local fruit and vegetables alongside a large selection of chinaware and glassware. Some kitchen white goods available with kitchen hardware as well as a small bedding and towel section. Ample guarded free parking available in front of the store.

Golden Starmart

sihanoukville supermarket golden star mart

Ochheuteal – Mithona St
Located near Ochheuteal Beach and mostly catering for tourists staying in the locality. Offering less food options but a wide selection of drinks including wine, spirits, beer, juices and other soft drinks. Also a good range of toiletries and sun creams. Ample free parking in fornt of the store.

Chamroeun Phal Supermarket

sihanoukville supermarket

Downtown – Ekareach St opposite Caltex Petrol Station
One of the original supermarkets in town located centrally opposite the Caltex petrol staion now superceded in town size-wise by some of the other supermarkets but still competetively priced selling beer, wines, spirits and juices alongside a selection of toiletries and some non-perishable food products. Ample parking available in front of the store.

G Mart Supermarket

sihanoukville supermarket

Downtown – St 108
Occupying the ground floor of the Koh Ta Kaev Hotel this store crams a wide selection of non-perishables onto it’s shelves. A reasonable selction of wines, spirits, beers and cold drinks as well as some food stuffs, toiletries and household goods. Very large parking area infront of the store.

Hi Food Minimart

sihanoukville supermarket

Serendipity Beach Road Opposite Utopia
Aimed directly at its tourist clientele most of the floor space of this minimart is given over to various kinds of beverage. Wines, spirits, beers and cold drinks but some tolietries and food stuffs including sandwiches and some fresh fruit. Also has an eating area situated infront with tables and TV showing sporting events where you can by fast food including hot dogs and burgers. Open 24 hours with limited moto parking.

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